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Workshops, Seminars, Classes and More
William Jones and other members of the Keeping Found Things Found group conduct workshops and offer seminars, classes, consulting and other educational services (e.g., half- and full-day tutorials) in the field of personal information management (PIM) and related topics. See below for an an example of one such offering. For further information contact “william" + “paul” + “jones” at
Personal Information Management in Theory and in Practice
A Half Day Tutorial
This tutorial provides an overview of Personal Information Management or PIM  both as a field of inquiry and as an activity that all of us of necessity perform every day.  The tutorial includes the following:  1.) A historical overview of PIM with special emphasis on developments over the past 20 years.  2.) An analytical breakdown of PIM with respect to key problems, stages of information management (search, acquisition, organization, storage, retrieval, disposal…) and domains of information management (email, web, e-documents…).  3.) An assessment of the current state of PIM as a field of inquiry.  The tutorial will review promising lines of empirical inquiry, theoretical development and tool development.  4.) A practical review of enduring “dos” and “don’ts” of personal information management. An effective practice of PIM will vary from person to person according to the various roles a person must perform (in the workplace, at home and elsewhere).  5.) An overview of the many tools that promise to help in PIM and the few that really do.
The tutorial is designed for a general audience.  Researchers, especially in related areas such as information retrieval and library management, will have an opportunity to learn more about PIM as a field of inquiry.  But personal information management is something we all must do.  Everyone who attends will have an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of PIM, its fundamental problems, the roles it plays in daily life and the ways in which selected strategies and supporting tools can help.

The Instructor:
William Jones is a Research Associate Professor Emeritus in the Information School at the University of Washington, where he works on the challenges of “Keeping Found Things Found” (,  He has published in the areas of personal information management (PIM), human-computer interaction, information retrieval (search), and human cognition/memory.  William Jones wrote the book Keeping Found Things Found: The Study and Practice of Personal Information Management and, more recently, the three-part series, The Future of Personal Information: Part 1: Our Information, Always & Forever, Part 2: Transforming Technologies to Manage Our Information and Part 3: Building a Better World With Our Information. Dr. Jones holds 5 patents relating to search and PIM (2 more pending). His current special area of research is “Information, Knowledge  and Successful Aging